Night Before the Criterium

Night Before Email for the South Jersey Spring Series.  There is a church server that will start at 10:30am at Kingsway High School Gymnasium.  Parking will not be permitted in the North Parking Lot.  I provided everyone with Maps so they know where they can park.  No Parking means, do not park in this lot.  Parking means, have at it.  Please drive around the building and use one of the lots in the back of the School.  Do not warm up/cool down after your race by riding around the school until after all churchgoers are gone.  Please, I do not want to lose another site over parking.   Registration will be open sometime between 8:30 and 9 AM.  If you have never raced before and need a one day license please see one of the folks at registration.  Have a Good Night and be safe on your way and home from the race tomorrow.


Thanks, Matt

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